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waterproofing crystalline products

Our variety of crystalline waterproofing materials are nontoxic and are used as a surface coating.

All the products are environmentally-friendly, containing no poison or odors. It is a permanent, revolutionary waterproofing solution for concrete structures.

Crystalline waterproofing is targeted at protecting architectural structures, preventing the concrete from being carbonized and the reinforcing steel bars from being rusted and eroded as a result of water intrusion, chloride penetration, corrosion and freezing and thawing, prolonging the useful life of structures and reducing repairs and maintenance costs.

Our crystalline products can be used to stop the active flow of water. While traditional techniques treat only the surface of the concrete, are costly and don’t last indefinitely, our systems provides a permanent solution. Unlike epoxy or urethane injections, our crystalline waterproofing process cannot crack, tear, separate or fail do to movement.

The process will continue to grow deep inside the concrete with the presence of water or moisture. Once inside the structure the crystalline becomes a permanent part of the concrete, filling the pours of the concrete with crystalline.

The cementations crystalline waterproof mixture prevents leaks and permeation to engineering structures by adhering to the concrete as an integral part of the structure using crystalline to block pores as well as, achieving self-rehabilitation.