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Traffic Topping and Concrete Crack Restoration

a. Mechanical room(s)
b. Boiler room(s)
c. Garbage room(s)
d. Stairwells
e. Underground parking
f. Corridors
g. Locker rooms
h. Food Processing Plants
i. Educational Facilities
j. Hospitals, Institutions

Water leaking from cracks, floor joints, material wear and tear, improper sloping etc.

1. Restoration Cracks – focuses on “Chasing”, chasing cracks addresses moisture within
crack by eliminating the potential of water being trapped
2. Material binds to concrete substrate and expands and contracts with concrete as a
result of seasonal changes
3. Traffic topping will provide industrial strength, non slip strength
4. Traffic topping excellent weather shielding

Our method is highly effective and successful within commercial industrial applications for the simple reason that issue at hand (cracks) are addressed and simply not filled. This treatment is used in subway tunnels and produces a complete concrete restoration, eliminates all existing cracks, eliminating a more severe repair of delamination and degradation, which ultimately lead to capital program expenditures.

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