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Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps:

The sump pit  houses the sump pump, this is installed inside your basement. The presence of a sump pump  provides relieve to hydrostatic pressure from beneath your basement floor.

  • The sump pump pit gathers  ground water that naturally accumulates around your foundation wall and or under your basement floor.
  • The sump pump comes with a automatic shut off, allowing  water  to stay at manageable level.
  • The submersible pump, located inside the sump box, pumps water out and away from your foundation.
  • The sump pump will turn on  automatically.when the water rises inside the sump pump box.

The Process:

  • Breakup concrete floor .
  • Dig out hole 3′ below your basement floor x 3ft. wide.
  • Place sump box in center.
  • Fill up 1′ excavated area around sump box with ¾” gravel:
  • Electrical turn on floating micro switch automatically turns on/off as required.

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