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Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Crack Repair:

The WPM crystallization process delivers to our customers a  distinct advantage to the foundation crack repair methods  installed by our competitors. The WPM Process is installed using  our crystalline process  to ensure that the crystalline penetrates  through the thickness of the foundation wall and fills the entire  void of the foundation crack. The crystalline process is the sensible solution to foundation crack repair.

The Waterproof Masters process monolithically crystalizes the structure together. This crystallization process restores the concrete to its original strength and the structural qualities the concrete design intended. Our process of crystallization seals the foundation and creates an impervious barrier to water seepage, while providing the added benefit of preventing premature deterioration of the concrete reinforcing.

Our Crystalline products is a material used to stop water infiltration. It is typically used as a waterproofing repair for foundation cracks. When installed  the crystalline process can successfully stop active leaks located at pipe penetrations, waterlines, and foundation tie rods.

All foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and moisture control problems require proper site analysis and diagnosis to insure the quality of the repair. Foundation crack repair requires specialized equipment and well trained experienced personnel. Our project estimators will work together with you to determine the cause of the foundation crack, the source of the water entering your basement and the best solution for your project.

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