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Elevator pits waterproofing & repairs

Elevator pits waterproofing & repairs
Sump pump / back up installation
Press pits waterproofing & repairs
Sump pump / back up installation

Water leaking from cracks, tie rod points, piping and flooring etc.
High water tables, negative pressure on concrete substrate, failing or missing joints.

Solution: Negative side waterproofing
Crystalline crack and patch repair, repairing existing and new structures
Wall & Floor Cracks
Wall & Floor Patches
Concrete rehabilitation
Sump pump & trenching

The solution for a more economical alternative is to work from the inside with negative waterproofing development and designed specifically to waterproof mineral substrates like masonry and concrete from the inside (negative side) by reacting to the moisture in the wall as well as the components of the substrate to produce crystals that block the pours.

Crystalline penetrates into the substrate and so becoming an integral part of the wall that blocks water transmission while remaining open to vapour diffusion; which will not detach from the substrate.

Environmentally sound and certified
Suited for all mineral substrates
Becomes an integral part of the structure
Resistant to sulfates and chlorides
Self-healing properties on micro-cracks
Resistant to freeze and thaw cycles

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