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Crystalline Waterproofing actually becomes an integral part of the concrete, therefore should not be confused with a sealer, thus forming a complete body of strength and durability.

Our crystalline Waterproofing system therefore offers the following benefits:

Penetrates into the concrete surface filling cracks and capillary tracts

Crystalline waterproofing is self-healing, continuously expands when moisture is present

Provides permanent waterproofing and chemical resistance properties

Becomes part of the concrete and will not come apart, tear or puncture

Less costly and more effective than other systems such as epoxy injection, sealers or membranes

Easily applied and therefore highly labor-cost effective

Can be applied from either the inside or outside

Resists high hydrostatic pressure Increases the compressive strength of concrete

Provides a wide range of protection from chemical attack (chlorides, sulfates and nitrates), freeze-thaw cycles, corrosion of steel, sea water, and carbonates

Applied to moist concrete.

Applied as a slurry (brush or spray)

Environmental friendly and is non-toxic

24 Hour curing